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Although massage has long been used to help stress and relaxation, it can also be an effective therapy to help a variety of other conditions.


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To make a booking call Colette for Balancing Hands at Home on 0795 1664055 or Pamela for a clinic appointment 07803399826 email colette@balancinghands.com.


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CNCH - Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council

CNCH – Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council http://www.cnhc.org.uk/

We offer two distinct services at Balancing Hands.  Colette offers Balancing Hands at Home – a specialist service within your own home for anyone with mobility issues, long-term health problems, chronic conditions, general aches and pains that come with older age.  Pamela offers a clinic based service at the Centre for Wellbeing in Malvern.

Whether you need relief from stress or injury, help in living with long term illness or conditions, to release muscle tension, to address relaxation, to improve your sleep or to explore the effects any of this has on your body, then you have arrived at the right place.

You and your body are individual and unique. With this in mind, Colette and Pamela work with you by creating individual and bespoke massage and bodywork with an aim to helping you establish balance and equilibrium of both body and mind. Colette is also a course leader at the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork

We take our profession seriously and as such are registered members of both MTI and CNHC.

MTI - Massage Training Institute

MTI – Massage Training Institute http://www.massagetraining.co.uk/


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Balancing Hands offers two distinct services - Balancing Hands at Home with Colette and Balancing Hands in the clinic with Pamela. Both Colette and Pamela are registered therapeutic massage practitioners. Colette is also part of the teaching team for the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork

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Colette Hardiman, Balancing Hands at Home
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To make a booking online use the link below, alternatively call Colette on 0795 1664055 or email colette@balancinghands.com

or call Pamela 0780 3399826.

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30min appointments - £30
60min appointments - £45
90min appointments - £60

All appointment times include consultation.

Some concessions available.

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