Your Massage Experience

We offer two distinct services at Balancing Hands.  Both are bespoke to your needs and will be slightly different to the last.

Balancing Hands at Home

Colette offers a specialist service within your own home, for any clients living with mobility issues, long-term health problems, chronic conditions and general aches and pains that come with older age.

Having worked for years with a wide variety of clients, Colette is now offering a bespoke service designed specifically for clients who want treatment in their own home or in their care home.

Colette has extensive experience of working with people who live with a wide range of conditions and health challenges.  Some of those include:

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Back an neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Mobility issues
  • Sleep problems

Visits will be tailored to your needs and will take place in your home.  Colette will have everything she needs for your treatment and will work with you seated in a chair. Colette’s massage is person-centred and holistic in style.

Balancing Hands clinic appointments

Pamela offers clinic based appointments.  She will discuss with you how you are and what you would like from the session. You will be able to ask questions and together you will agree how your treatment should be for that day.

Pamela will then leave the room whilst you undress – how much or little of your clothing you remove will be up to you; the most important thing is that you are comfortable. You will be fully covered with a sheet. During the massage Pamela will only move the sheet on the area she is working on.

When the massage is finished, Pamela will leave the room whilst you dress. You will then sit down again to discuss the treatment, have a drink of water, make any subsequent appointments and settle the bill.

Pamela offers appointments at the Centre for Wellbeing, 52 St Andrews Road, Malvern, WR14 3PP.

You are most welcome to telephone Colette or Pamela prior to an appointment to discuss anything if you have any concerns or questions.

Your Massage Experience
Balancing Hands / Your Massage Experience


Balancing Hands offers two distinct services - Balancing Hands at Home with Colette and Balancing Hands in the clinic with Pamela. Both Colette and Pamela are registered therapeutic massage practitioners. Colette is also part of the teaching team for the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork

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Colette Hardiman, Balancing Hands at Home
+0795 1664055

Pamela Prentice
+07803 399826


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To make a booking online use the link below, alternatively call Colette on 0795 1664055 or email

or call Pamela 0780 3399826.

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30min appointments - £30
60min appointments - £45
90min appointments - £60

All appointment times include consultation.

Some concessions available.

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