“I have been fortunate enough now to have had several massage treatment sessions with Colette.  I went to her initially with a combination of health problems and stress. I have a disc prolapse between lumbar 4 and 5, causing severe muscle stiffness and nerve pain in my buttocks, right thigh and calf. A severe hand tremor, known as essential tremor which can be familial but also caused by a strung out nervous system. Lymphatic swelling on my torso and arm caused by mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes and just in need of some tlc and relaxation in general.  

“Colette’s massage has helped enormously to alleviate my symptoms in all areas. My tremor is far quieter after treatment, my nerve pain completely goes the day after treatment lasting up to a week, my lymphatic system begins to work effectively again and tissue softens and Colette seems to have the knack of finding, by some inner instinct, my pain and muscle stiffness and gently releasing and working on those areas, relaxing them. She has a calm, quiet, relaxed manner and is a discreet and confident therapist.

“Colette thank you, your balancing hands are far more than that, they are healing hands.”  

T. Gautama, Worcester

“I have suffered with Parkinson’s Disease for many years. Colette is a professional, warm and caring individual who made me feel completely at ease.  I was unsure about going for massage initially as the Parkinson’s has affected my confidence. However, I found the sessions with Colette really beneficial and found comfort and relief from a continuous tension created by my condition.  I fully recommend Colette and encourage anybody with a similar condition to try this treatment”.

Betty Fain

“Colette was extremely professional in her approach and client assessment. I have been lucky enough to have received three massages from her , which were excellent in helping my recovery from cricket training and also post game fatigue. The strength and depth of pressure was perfect for achieving the relief and relaxation and to help prevent the formation of lactic acid in the muscles. She has a very natural talent for providing, what I think , are very successful treatments. She is very accommodating with her appointment times so that the massage can be performed at the optimum time for the treatment.

I would highly recommend her to any other sportsman or woman.
With the cricket season for 2014 now underway I am sure to be visiting her clinic on a regular basis.”

Andy Sutton ex Somerset County Cricket Club and MCC Young Cricketer

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Balancing Hands offers two distinct services - Balancing Hands at Home with Colette and Balancing Hands in the clinic with Pamela. Both Colette and Pamela are registered therapeutic massage practitioners. Colette is also part of the teaching team for the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork

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